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The Clean Eating Course

Food shouldn't complicate your life!

Clean eating isn’t about giving you one simple “trick” that sets your eating habits straight. I know you’ve seen the ads about the instant results you can get from this supplement or that tea...
...but none of those things hold any merit, they just DON’T work. You start using them with specific results in mind just to wind up feeling sad and disappointed in yourself, even though it's not even your fault!
Clean eating requires you to have patience with both yourself and the process.

Get off of that dead-end diet trend and start enjoying REAL, clean food so you can live life freely, actively, and with a renewed clarity!

You know it’s taking a toll on your health…You’re noticing...

● You NEED coffee, energy drinks, and other forms of caffeine and sugar just to get through the day
● You’re constantly thirsty, there’s no water content in anything you’re eating
● Your stomach is constantly stuck in knots after meals, digestion is actually painful!
● Your skin doesn’t have the healthy glow that it should, instead it's dry and flaky or acne-prone
You’re deeply dissatisfied with the way things have been going in regards to your eating habits for a long time now, but what are you supposed to do about it?

You've already done the whole dieting tried it and it didn't work...

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to take interest in a cleaner lifestyle or you’ve been working toward it for years, cleaning up your diet means allowing yourself time to go through the necessary changes.

Right now, you’re struggling. You’ve genuinely tried your best to create a healthier way of living and eating for yourself, but you’re stuck. Each day, you...

● Search for new ways to invent tasty and nutritious meals, but you’re always hungry again shortly after eating
● Wake up feeling tired and groggy, even when you hit the sheets early
● Dread going to the grocery store because you’re never really sure if you’re buying nutrient-dense foods
● Give yourself more “cheat days” than “clean eating” days

Hi There! I'm PamELA Jon Thomas, and I'm passionate about helping busy professionals unlock the true power of total health and wellness.

I've been exactly where you are. 

I'm so glad you found my website! As an IIN Holistic Health Coach and Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, I am determined to put you on a path to feeling energized, light. and completely healthy! I gave up the battle with my weight a long time ago, right when I gave up dieting for good. I was tired of feeling deprived, tired of feeling not good enough, and even more tired of feeling sick and exhausted. 

It was time to make a change, and I realized that most of my diet was filled with CRAP, all of the carbonated, refined, artificial, and processed stuff that I had in my body was really starting to take its toll. Even when I tried to eat healthy, I'd read a label and see one of those words. The fact is, all the energy drinks, health bars, and supplements in the world won't make anywhere near the difference that going green will.

I want you to have the same life-changing revelation that I've experienced after transforming my diet. 


The Clean Eating Kickstart

I've created a NO-DIET approach to help you eat clean and simple meals that are enjoyable, and get fit with easy workouts that don’t take up too much of your time! 

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Slim Down

Have More Energy

With this self-paced program you can get fit, and reclaim your health and body on your own time, the way you want to.

Diets don’t work! This course will empower you to lose inches without dieting, and help you reach your goals

Imagine feeling lighter and more energetic to be able to enjoy doing things with the people you love the most.

So what does this course offer you?
Glad you asked!

here's what's included:

how to eat out while eating clean

A colorful handout shows you exactly how to eat out the right way, ensuring that you get all the delicious nutrients your body needs WITHOUT feeling the guilt!

Packed with ways to make your dollar stretch, this guide removes  overwhelm while keeping your wallet satisfied. Don't waste your time searching for ideas, I've got you covered.

tips for saving money on clean eating

Make your trips to the supermarket super simple with a list made for you. This makes prepping and cooking a breeze, not an UNDERTAKING.

five days of healthy eating shopping list

A list of suggested meals to help begin your clean eating journey. I want you to be super successful, so I am giving you a head start on planning out what you will eat. 

seven days of healthY suggested meals 

End Dieting Guide

Dumbbell workout plan

This colorful guide is packed with even more shopping and cooking tips and explains why it is so important to learn to eat clean to improve your overall total health and wellness.

Use this bonus workout content as an easy way to get your heart pumping and those muscles going while still achieving your professional goals.

But also, check out these bonuses:

My clients' thoughts

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"This course was just what I needed to help me get back on track with my overall health. It’s clear, concise and easy to follow. It was perfect for a busy professional like me."

— Gabrielle M.

"I have truly improved my eating habits with this course. I didn’t realize how much I ignored my dietary choices until I followed Pam’s course. I truly appreciate how it has helped me to make better food choices. It was well worth the investment."

— Natasha J.

"I did this course about 6 months ago and I was initially very overweight and underactive at that time, especially due to the Pandemic. Since that time, I have dropped 20 lbs and I feel so much more energetic. And doing this course was actually very easy to incorporate into my busy work schedule."

— Lisa P.

The Investment

how to eat out while eating clean ($100 VALUE)
tips for saving money on clean eating ($100 VALUE) 
5 days of healthy eating shopping list ($100 VALUE)  
7 days of healthy suggested meals ($100 VALUE)   

I'm ready to improve my eating habits!

Clean eating kickstart is Valued at $1,550, But You Can Get All of This for Only one payment of $197! And You Will have Immediate Access Once You Sign Up!

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Although I am super confident that you will benefit from this self-paced program, due to the nature of digital courses like this one, refunds are not offered. All sales for are final.    

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